In the first level, it is possible to attach a wide variety of objects or systems to one or more activities. The performed work is supported by unlimited detail information. This guarantees full access in all situations. An activity can take place once or cyclically. The technician with the appropriate expertise get continually informed about upcoming activities, and can automatically generate a maintenance plan for a certain period of time.
Electronic Signature
Once an activity has been done, the responsible operator confirm this by a signature. As an alternative to traditional signature on paper, it is possible to confirm by e-signature. This method is superior to the traditional paper document, since the date of the signature is captured and sealed stored. The personal and unique writing characteristic of the signatory is also stored in the document. Biometrics is an essential part of the signature and is stored highly encrypted in the document and automatically entered into the database.
Legal certainty
Legal certainty assumes a increasing importance in today's corporate governance. Insurance companies have to keep their costs and outputs low. They do not hesitate to go to court, when it comes to larger sums. In such a situation, the systematic recording of all activities and their complete documentation is invaluable.
Since all data is stored in digital and safe form in the database, it is no longer required to fill out and store paper documents. Thanks to simple search and filter functions, the required documents can be found quickly and reliably. If an activity cannot be performed according to the instructions or in the prescribed period, it will be reviewed and the appropriate action will be taken immediately.